Addenbrookes Hospital Survey

Cambridge | Multimodal survey | 24 hours


Addenbrookes Trust chose A-T-R to survey the impact of traffic reduction measures around Addenbrookes Hospital and the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. Working with the Trust, we designed a series of surveys to match their needs – including cyclist interviews, multiple cycle and pedestrian counts, manual turning counts, car park accumulation, bus usage and vehicle routes using ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras.

In total 101 positions were selected to record traffic using 84 HD cameras, 24 ANPR cameras and 52 survey staff.

A-T-R has been selected, via tender, to design and carry out surveys for the Addenbrooke Trust for 8 consecutive years.

Project Breakdown *
1.Site vehicle count3 x locations12 x ANPR camera / 4 technicians
2.Inbound vehicle count11 x locations12 x HD camera
3.Inbound pedestrian & cycle19 x locations13 x HD camera / 6 technicians
4.Outbound classified count11 x locations12 x ANPR camera
5.Outbound pedestrian & cycle count19 x locations11 x HD camera
6.Site entry vehicle occupancy6 x locations5 technicians
7.Car park vehicle count2 x locations3 x HD camera / 2 technicians
8.Bus survey5 x locations12 x HD camera / 5 technicians
9.Pedestrian, cycle & bus interviews24 x locations28 technicians
10.Classified count1 x location8 x HD camera / 2 technicians