Basing View Regeneration Survey

Basingstoke | 07:00 – 19:00, 2 Weeks


In partnership with a long-standing UK construction service, A-T-R were tasked with completing a multimodal survey around Basing View – a 65 acre business district development in Basingstoke. The survey comprised of an origin/destination survey covering 40 Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras; journey-time surveys that compromised of 10 routes; and 38 separate Automatic Traffic Counter (ATC) installations running for a 2-week period.

Our Approach

The ATCs were installed well in advance of the date agreed for the ANPR and journey-time surveys so that, come the morning of the survey, the remaining cameras could be installed and checked by just two teams. This enabled the remaining survey staff to accustom themselves with their journey-time routes and keep the cost of our service competitive.

Project Breakdown *
1.Two-way vehicle counts38 x ATCs2 weeks
2.Inbound vehicle count40 x ANPR Camera1 day
3.Car journey time routes20 x surveyors1 day
4.Speed reports38 x ATCs2 weeks