London Cycle Survey

Blackfriars | Mile End | Whitechapel | Stratford


A-T-R were commissioned by TRL to undertake a study of cycle speeds in cycle lanes around six bus stops in Blackfriars, Mile End, Whitechapel and Stratford. For each bus stop, pedestrians needed to cross a cycle lane in order to embark or disembark from a bus. The study was presented to TFL as part of an ongoing cycle safety scheme.

The Challenge

TRL required multiple views at each location, to accurately analyse cycle speeds and interaction with pedestrians.

Our Approach

During pre-survey, we worked with TRL to establish suitable camera positions and angles. Up to 10 cameras were tested and calibrated per site, each with overlapping views to mitigate obstructions from moving vehicles and to capture any cyclists who had strayed outside the cycle lanes. For data capture we used HD cameras recording at 30 frames per second.


TRL have commissioned A-T-R to carry out 11 further cycle surveys around London.

Project Breakdown | 6 Locations
1. Bus Stop J, Whitechapel Rd6 x HD Cameras1-way track
2. Bus Stop WB, Whitechapel High St4 x HD Cameras1-way track
3. Bus Stop J, Carpenters Rd10 x HD Cameras1-way track
4. Bus Stop M, Stratford High St4 x HD Cameras1-way track
5. Bus Stop SA, Blackfriars Rd8 x HD Cameras2-way track
6. Bus Stop U, Blackfriars Rd7 x HD Cameras2-way track