A-T-R were commissioned for a traffic and pedestrian survey in Leicestershire along the M56, A556 and A530 as part of the route development for the HS2 rail link scheme. The project involved the installation of 45 HD cameras recording simultaneously at 17 large-scale junctions in addition to 36 roadside locations. Liaising closely with CAPITA during pre-survey planning,  A-T-R were able to recommend the most suitable (and safest) installation locations, along with the best choice of recording equipment dependant on the site and its requirements.

Survey details

Part 1: 07:00–19:00, 17 junctions were recorded using 45 HD cameras to film and analyse vehicle type (7 classes), volume, speed, flow, queuing and pedestrian count.

Part 2: 00:00 –00:00, 36 locations using Automatic Traffic Counters (ATC) measuring volume in both directions.

Part 3: 00:00–00:00, 1 junction using 20 Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras measuring direction and speed of exit from 5 entry and 5 exits points. Two further ANPR cameras were positioned as back-ups where moving vehicles in other lanes could obstruct the view.

All A-T-R operatives were inducted by HS2 in order to comply with the stringent H&S policies and procedures.


A-T-R have been commissioned on a further six surveys for the HS2 route development, we are also the only traffic data collection company to be commissioned by all three consortiums working on behalf of HS2.

Project Breakdown | 3 Parts
1.36 locations41 x ATCs2-way volume and speed counts
2.17 junctions45 x HD CamerasTurning counts, queuing and pedestrian counts
3a.5 locations20 x ANPR CamerasOrigin/destination between locations + journey times
3b.2 locations2 x ANPR CamerasOrigin/destination covering multiple lanes